Wanted Man (Johnny Cash)


Wanted man in California, wanted man in Buffalo

Wanted man in Kansas City, wanted man in Ohio

Wanted man in Mississippi, wanted man in old Cheyenne

Wherever you might look tonight you might see this wanted man.


I might be in Colorado, or Georgia by the sea,

Working for some man who may not know who I might be

If you ever see me coming and if you know who I am

Don't you breathe it to nobody 'cause you know I'm on the lamb.


Wanted man by Lucy Watson, wanted man by Jeannie Brown

Wanted man by Nellie Johnson, wanted man in this next town

I've had all that I wanted of a lot of things I've had

And a lot more than I needed of some things that turned out bad.


I got sidetracked in El Paso, stopped to get myself a map

Went the wrong way in Juarez with Juanita on my lap.

Then I went to sleep in Shreveport, woke up in Abilene

Wonderin' why the hell I'm wanted at some town half way between.


Wanted man in Albuquerque, wanted man in Syracuse

Wanted man in Tallahassee, wanted man in Baton Rouge

There's somebody set to grab me anywhere that I might be

And wherever you might look tonight, you might get a glimpse of me